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Boom-Ber-Pee (Koala) Private Nature Refuge

Our private nature refuge was formally named on Sept11 and forms part of the state government koala nature refuges program.

This 20 hectare (50 acre) site includes large areas of rare and endangered habitat, koalas, over 75 species of birds, 2 species of wallabies, 3 species of possum, echidnas as well as a range of other animals.

We have 2 walks n our property which take our guests through a she-oak
forest and also down through the scribbly gum and blackbutt forest. A
perfect location for birdwatching particularly at sunrise and sunset.

This property is also part of the Land for Wildlife and has a Koala
Conservation Agreement in place.

As a private nature refuge, access is for our guests and other people and
groups by private arrangement.