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New nature refuge increases koala protection

 Friday, September 02, 2011

The launch of a new nature refuge in the Redlands area this weekend will increase the area of protected habitats for south-east Queensland’s vulnerable koala population, Environment Minister Vicky Darling announced today.

Ms Darling said the 18-hectare Boom-ber-pee Nature Refuge will play a critical role in protecting endangered regional ecosystems and, importantly, koalahabitat.

The Boom-ber-pee Nature Refuge is the 22nd to be declared by the State Government this year as part of an on-going commitment to achieve 20 million hectares of protected area by 2020.

“Koalas along with the glossy black-cockatoo are seen regularly on this property which is near or adjacent to several other protected areas, including Cornubia Forest Nature Refuge, Venman Bushland National Park and Logan City Council reserves,” Ms Darling said.

“This is an important parcel of land for koala habitat protection and of our 22 new nature refuges, 10 are in fact specifically for koala habitat protection, protecting a further 87 hectares in South-east Queensland.

“Queensland’s Nature Refuges Program now has 398 refuges protecting 2.79 million hectares.”

A nature refuge is a voluntary agreement between a landholder and the government to manage and preserve land with significant conservation values while allowing compatible and sustainable land uses to continue.

“Landholders with a nature refuge continue to own and manage their land to generate an income but do so while making an invaluable contribution to protecting our natural and cultural resources,” Ms Darling said.

Landholders whose nature refuges protect koala habitat will collectively receive financial assistance of more than $400,000 through the Koala Nature Refuges Program.

“These funds will enhance the conservation values of the properties through projects including revegetation with koala habitat and food trees, pest plant control and koala-friendly fencing installation.”





Boom-Ber-Pee Nature Refuge Created

History was made at Mt Cotton Guesthouse in Sept 2011 when the Boom-Ber-Pee (Koala) Private Nature Refuge was officially named.

Our nature refuge incorporates over 90% of the 20 hectare property and protects rare and endangered habitat as well as a wide range of native animals including 2 species of wallaby, over 75 species of birds, 4 species of possum and many others.

This nature refuge complements our other environmental initiatives over the last few years including:

·       Signed a Koala Conservation Agreement committing
      us to conservation of koala habitat

·       Awarded 2010 Redlands Koala Conservation Grants
      for koala tree management

·       Signed a Voluntary Conservation Agreement committing
      long term conservation and establishing a protective
      covenant over 25 acres of the site

·       Joined the Land for Wildlife program

·        Undertaken extensive weed management & planted
      over 250 native plants produced from local seed

·       Completed four (4) site Bird Surveys identifying 75+
      bird species including rare Glossy Black Cockatoo and the Powerful Owl